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The Grail Message is a special Work, which clearly answers all the unsolved problems of human existence. The vast knowledge mediated in its pages leads the earnestly-seeking reader, who weighs and examines objectively, out of the present-day confusion and distortion, to clear recognitions.


The Grail Message commands attention by its forceful language, by the clarity of its thoughts and by the setting right of distorted concepts, unmistakably and sometimes severely but irrefutably explained.


The laws in which the entire Creation came into being and exists are plainly set forth, the World Happening is interpreted in its true significance, and man's responsibility before God and his fellow man is revealed and explained. Thus to him who opens himself to these recognitions is restored the indestructible inner security of his personality. For the seeking human being, the 168 lectures of this Work deal with all essential questions and spheres of life:


  • Meaning of soul and spirit  
  • Occultism and spiritism
  • Natural Sciences
  • The World, time and eternity
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Existence and Creation
  • Social and economic questions
  • Religion and church
  • Family and state
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Justice and law
  • Intuition and intellect
  • Psychology and cultivation of the spirit
  • The recognition of God




Whoever bears the desire for it living within him, and is willing to make the effort, will be helped to fulfilment by the work "In the Light of Truth", The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin.

The Author writes:

“...I wish to fill the gaps which have so far remained unanswered in the souls of men, and which never leave any serious thinker in peace, if he honestly seeks the Truth.”

“With my Message I now open the Book of Creation for you! The Message clearly shows you the Language of God in Creation, which you must learn to understand so that you can make it your own.”
The Author recommends that the lectures of the Grail Message be read in sequence, and not picked out individually, seeking to judge the Work in this way. The knowledge of the Grail Message cannot be grasped by glancing through it.




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